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Not So Lions Free

3 months from now the Lions will be playing the first game of the season. Thank God. Holy shit do we need football right now. And for any of you that think the NFL will delay or cancel because of I guaransheed you they won't.

I'm a Lions slappy. It makes for a miserable existence, as many of you know. I was living in Ohio getting a masters degree, something I recommend to zero people. I was done making Pure Michigan spoofs - I wasn't in Michigan and I felt there was less interest in my making them. But in 2014 the Lions were pretty good, with Suh and Calvin and Tate. In late December, the Leos were in first place in the division, with a big game coming up against the Packers. I thought, eh, I wanna make a video. I wasn't living in the Detroit area, but F it, I thought I'll just do a quick and easy picture montage style.

The video blew up...for basically one week. Had nearly 900k a week. Prob more viral than any Pure mich spoof I've done, for one week anyway. Because after the week, it was dead, since it was a timely thing for that one game. But for that week...I felt like Cabrera circa 2012. Like I dragged my tired worn out ass to the plate and just crushed it, flipped the bat, and thought "damn, these Michigan people still like what I'm serving up."

Half the time you're looking for inspiration, the other half you're looking for reasons to keep on doing what you do. The reaction to this video nailed the latter part for me. Thank you.


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