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My Fave Spoof

I hate writing about my own videos, like I'm stroking to myself. I started this blog because I want to write about random funny crap in Michigan, not myself. This top 5 was just an excuse to get the ball rolling. Now it feels like Narcissism101. Annnnd with that said, I'll proceed to stroke away...

I like this video because it both pokes fun and celebrates Saugatuck. I like the word plays, and I like some of the random gold I was lucky enough to capture. Like a pink moped parked on the corner. Or 2 buff dudes holding hands. Or the kid raising his fishing pole in delight. Although that one earned a friendly message from the kid's father, threatening my life. Eh, it happens.

Saugatuck really is a beautiful place with great people. I truly love it. But I also like to make fun of things, and everything is fair game. Sue me.


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