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After 3 years, Q-line still a P.O.S.

I really hate the Q-line. More than most people, even. 10 years before this monstrosity debuted, I had been hearing about the new “lightrail system” Detroit would unveil. The plan was for it to go on Woodward from Detroit all the way out to Pontiac. Well, that is not what we got. What we got is a Cedar Point amusement ride for when suburban folks visit Detroit. I couldn’t wait to rip this, and seeing it in person with my camera 3 years ago confirmed the joke that it is.

One reason this video is in my top 5 is that I was starting to use better equipment, including my drone, so technically it is nicer looking than my older videos. And I think the sarcastic tone of how impressive this useless piece of shit is was really the way to go.

Fast forward 6 months, the setting is Little Ceasars Arena, and I got into a really heated argument with some white yuppie couple about the Q-line. They were telling me what an asshole I was for making this, and how the Q-line really is a nice addition to Detroit. I’m serious when I say it got heated. It was almost pathetic - 3 grown adults arguing fiercely about this dumb fucking trolley. I remember getting in my uber that night after wanting to punch these cockknockers, but instead I simply asked my black uber driver what he thought of the Q-line. He said “It’s stupid. It doesn’t help actual Detroiters.” Amen.


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