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10 years of Michigan spoofs and more to come

It was June 16th of 2010 when I made my first Not So Pure Michigan spoof...on fishflies.

I didn't think 10 years later I would be making these, but here I am still doing it. Over the next few days, I'm going to post my 5 favorite Pure Mich spoofs.

For 2020 and beyond I will be back making more comedy videos for you Michigan people. There will be a variety of new videos coming down the pipe, all Michigan-themed, and I'm sure I'll have to throw in the occasional Pure Michigan spoof as well. So...I'm turning to you - what do you want me to roast? Or do you have an idea for something that needs to be highlighted, mocked, or spoofed? I have a poll on my home page of where you can vote, or you can submit your idea through the contact page.

Thank you all for watching over the past 10 years. The videos over the next 10 will be better.


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