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No Swearing, Please

I've had a few people comment on my videos over the years saying something to the effect of "I just wish you wouldn't use profanity." Bunch of pussies.

So 8 years ago I decided to do a Pure Michigan on Jobbie Nooner. I had never been to the event prior, and have only been one time since, which resulted in a nasty stye that lasted 2 weeks due to the disgusting dirty water of Lake St. Clair. It really is a filthy lake. Anyway, back in 2012 I was pissed off and making some angry videos and a friend told me "don't swear in this video". Now it wasn't some random comment, but somebody I know telling this to me. I wanted to tell him to F off, but I took it as something of a challenge, since I am known to swear quite a bit. My first video on fishflies had a lot of swearing, but it was my first video and I really didn't think more than 50 people would see it. So with Jobbie Nooner, going in knowing I'd do my best not to swear ultimately brought a lightness in tone back to my videos which was very needed at the time. So, ultimately I'm happy how this one came out. Since then I've been more careful about my use of profanity in videos. Does it mean I've cut out swearing entirely? No. Because sometimes you just have to swear. Fuck it.


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